About Us

Who we are

One of the most trusted real estate builder in PCMC

Shankeshwar Group has always believed in the highest standard of living and has strived hard to make projects tailored to your highest standards. Because of this landmark living experience we provide, we have become one of the leading builders in PCMC.

Shankeshwar Group owes its success and gratitude to its promising customers. Impeccable design, incredible loyalty and affectionate tendency have made Shankeshwar Group counted as the top-notch developers from PCMC.

Currently, Shankeshwar Group identifies as an adept real estate company with developing market competition. only to be accounted for in the very few of the well-known real estate sectors.

With the association with field experts with a zeal for creating new opportunities with every situation that comes their way, Shankeshwar Group has built its reputation. Shankeshwar Group aims at delivering superior home and innovative modern solutions to achieve customer satisfaction. Shankeshwar Group owns the exceptional success through their most advantageous efforts with their professional expertise and their trustworthiness over the last 11 years.

Our Main Focus

Vision, Mission & Values


Shape the evolution of real estate
Shankeshwar Group has always believed in providing modern solutions to customer's necessities & has always taken efforts towards it. Our vision is to build not only homes but also a promising relationship with our customers and become the most preferred builder in PCMC.


Develop, dedicate and devise a range of options according to everybody's personal wishes as well as redirect the definition in residential and commercial spaces. All the more we plan ahead of time, in order to augment competencies and overtake all the hurdles that will come our way; Shankeshwar Group plans to strive hard for sustainable growth.

Core Values

Honesty and Integrity have different meaning when people start to think of the entities in this sector. All the more reason, to try and initiate dry run for loyalty with Shankeshwar Group. Happiness is a free-spirited value that spreads with the rapid sense. The one who has this in abundance can win over numerous challenges that come their way.